DAYMADE is a prize platform for millennials, where players can win amazing prizes and experiences from brands they love, while supporting a good cause.  Every Friday at 5pm, DAYMADE creates hundreds of winners with an impressive list of prizes to choose from, ranging from all-inclusive holidays around the globe, UK staycations, home makeovers, lifestyle and beauty products, and even your favourite tech. They also partner with, who plant a tree with every purchase, so it’s a real win/win.


It all started back in 2019 when two colleagues were toying with ideas in this space, because they felt that so many competition sites did not resonate with young people and lacked authenticity.  They came up with something we really liked the look of, so we decided to support them with our financial backing.


Fast forward to 2021, and the team has since grown to five with Andrew Broekelmann as CEO. One of the things we love about DAYMADE is that the team are the target market – millennials who value experiences, particularly travel, more than money.


Broekelmann says: “So far, the majority of our players are female aged 18-35, all of them in the UK. They are underserved in a market that is crowded with traditional gambling and sports betting products. We believe we are building something quite unique in this space, and we keep our customers at the heart of all our decision making. Our platform is great for businesses too.  From small, local businesses to bigger brands, each get exposure to our highly engaged community.”


ZEAL invested in the first full round in May 2020 after seeing some promising repeat rate data on early cohorts of users.


Since then, the team have had a solid 2020 despite Coronavirus restrictions with some amazing customer acquisition costs for most of the year. There are the typical growing pains of a start-up but we can see through the noise – the lifetime values far exceed the costs of acquiring new customers, which is what we like to see in our investments.  


With the great unlocking surely near and our conviction in the team and their ability to make the right decisions, we are excited to see how this business scales up further over the next few years so we’ve committed to follow our money and take up our full pre-emption rights (and maybe more) as part of the current funding round.


Check out DAYMADE at and get in touch if you’re interested in joining the round.


Amit Lakhani

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